Privacy Statement, in conjunction with our Android App 1ncemail, provides alias email addresses. The purpose of this alias is to help you maintain your privacy while allowing others to communicate with you. is not appropriate for securing your email communications from eavesdroppers. protects your privacy by preventing retailers, merchants and others who may need your email for a specific purpose (like sending you a receipt for your purchase) from reusing/spamming your email address or tracking you across purchases based on your email address.

When your permanent email address is entered in our mobile App, it is stored locally on your phone and stored on our server in a hashed format to identify your account for billing purposes. When you ask the App to create a new alias, that alias along with your permanent email address is stored in plain text on our server for the duration necessary to provide the service to you (either when 1 email traverses our server or 30 days, whichever is less).

The first email received to your alias will be forwarded to your email address. We will not store or view the contents or header information of this email beyond that necessary to provide the service to you. Once your email has been forwarded, all traces of the email, the alias and your permanent email address will be deleted from our servers.

Any subsequent emails arriving to that alias will be ignored. We MAY, however, track the senders who attempt to communicate to deactivated aliases and produce reports about frequency of emails sent by various senders so we can make fun of them.

No Warranty

1ncemail is a Beta service. Foryte Web Services, Inc. DBA 1ncemail provides no warranty that the service will work as promised.

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